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Marvel at the bold beauty of pink and red in this stunning dream dress. Our creation is a combination of precious materials, combining light tulle and luxurious silk in a unique play of textures and shades.


Layered Tulle Skirt: The skirt is a true work of art, made up of numerous layers of light tulle. These layers overlap gracefully and create an effect of volume and movement. The pink and red palette blends into a kaleidoscope of shades, giving the dress a visual magic that changes with every step you take.


Stitched bodice: The bodice is the heart of this fashion masterpiece. Elegant and sophisticated, it is decorated with a stitched pattern that adds a touch of refinement and texture to your look. This stitching technique highlights the beauty of the details without weighing down the dress, creating a feeling of lightness and sophistication.


Size: XS - S


This dress is perfect for the most special occasions, from wedding ceremonies to galas and romantic evenings. Wearing it, you will be the center of attention, exuding timeless elegance and unforgettable grace. Conquer your audience with "Elegance in Pink and Red" by JG Couture, which combines the lightness of tulle with stitched craftsmanship, creating a masterpiece of unparalleled style.

Cloud in Pink and Red

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