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How it works


You can decide to rent an item without the obligation to purchase, which you can decide later, after wearing and using the item, if you decide you no longer want to part with it, simply by avoiding returning it. The deposit required for the rental of JG Couture garments is equal to the purchase price because guaranteeing the loan of a unique garment implies a particular responsibility in maintaining its integrity during use. If you then decide to keep the item permanently, the deposit already covers the cost of the item itself. However, if you only want to rent it temporarily, when you return the item we will evaluate its conditions and, based on those, you will be refunded part of the deposit, already deducted from the rental cost. This system is necessary because our garments are truly unique pieces, and in this way we want to guarantee their most adequate preservation and maintenance.



The cost of renting our JG Couture garments is made up of various components. First of all, it includes the shipping cost, which you will find specified in the checkout at the end of the purchase process. In addition, the rental cost, which for each week is equivalent to 20% of the total price of the item. However, it is important to note that these costs are calculated upon return of the garment. Therefore, the total rental cost will be determined based on when you decide to return the item. This approach allows us to charge you precisely, based on the actual duration of the rental, ensuring a fair and transparent process for you as our customer too.


Finally, we would like to inform you that when you return the item we will evaluate the actual conditions for the calculation of the refund of the deposit, retaining a part of it in addition to the rental cost in case repairs are necessary to be carried out on the item following its use during the rental period. This represents a fundamental detail to always keep in mind, in order to have a clear and complete understanding of the rental and return process of unique JG Couture garments.


Explore and Choose

Browse our collection and choose the outfit that best represents you.


Add the item to the cart and select the rental duration.

Make the Payment

Complete your order and enter your shipping information.

Receive and Wear

Receive the outfit at your home and wear it in style.

Decide whether to keep it or return it

At the end of the rental, choose whether to return the outfit or keep it forever.

Simple, elegant and uncomplicated. Welcome to JG Couture!

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