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Jana Grossmann

Creative Director





38 via San Lazzaro
Bergamo, IT 24122


With German roots and a fervent passion for art, I have explored creativity in diverse fields such as fashion, graphic design and television production. My education in marketing and business management has enriched my artistic perspective, allowing me to combine creative flair with a solid entrepreneurial foundation.

A key part of my career is dedicated to teaching, where I strive to inspire others to cultivate their creativity with passion and dedication. With adventurous travels, I have absorbed different cultures and traditions, enriching my artistic perspective and influencing my work.

My goal is to combine German artistic roots with modern innovation, creating works that not only capture the imagination, but also inspire and positively influence the world around them. I am committed to exploring new creative possibilities and guiding others on their artistic journey with passion and commitment.


Fashion Designer

Digital Fashion Designer/Tutor

Entrepreneurship and Creative Direction - FA Fashion Academy

Artistic Coordination

Thanks to my passion for design and extensive experience in the international fashion industry, I have been able to work as a ghost designer for several world-renowned companies, contributing to the creation of innovative and inspired collections. With a deep understanding of the latest trends and limitless creativity, I have developed unique collections that have captured the attention of the global market. My distinctive style blends harmoniously with the vision of the companies I have worked for, transforming different concepts into fashion masterpieces, without ever compromising my identity.

As a 3D Digital Fashion Designer, I maintain an active role in online teaching of the most modern Digital Modeling techniques also within some companies in the sector. My experience in 3D modeling and design allows me to share valuable knowledge with my students, helping them develop essential skills for the new Fashion industry. Working with companies online also offers me the opportunity to reach a wide range of participants from different parts of the world, helping to disseminate and share with them the latest trends and methodologies in the field of digital design in the fashion industry.

Entrepreneurship and Creative Direction -FA Fashion Academy

It is with pride that I can say that I am Founder, Creative Director and Teacher at FA Fashion Academy(from 2004 until today), the most advanced and modern fashion school in Bergamo. With a deep passion for the world of Fashion and education, I have dedicated my most recent career to cultivating the inspiration and creative talent of future industry professionals. Through an innovative and engaging approach, I apply all my experience and know-how to shape the creative minds of tomorrow and guide them to success in the fascinating and ever-evolving world of fashion.

Thanks to my solid background in the arts and theater sector, I have had the opportunity to work in various positions in the opera house, including the artistic coordination role, both in Germany at the Munich State Opera and in Japan. In this role I collaborated closely with tailors and creatives, providing detailed directions and creative visions for the creation of costumes and other accessory elements. My passion for art, design and attention to detail has guided every aspect of my work in the future and my experience in different cultures has further enriched my approach, allowing me to appreciate unique influences and varied design styles . I am excited to continue to advance my dedication to artistic coordination and to contribute to the world of theater arts in ever-innovative and exciting ways.


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