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This magnificent gold silk dress is the very embodiment of elegance. Made with careful craftsmanship, the silk fabric glides lightly and delicately on the skin, giving a feeling of unquestionable luxury. The finely executed gathers add a touch of sophistication, creating a charming and enveloping silhouette.


Its versatility makes it suitable for any occasion, from a formal evening to a romantic dinner, from a friend's wedding to a special evening. Gold, a color symbolizing wealth and refinement, captures attention and radiates brightness in any environment.


Size: XS - S - M


To add a personal touch of grace and style, a matching ribbon accessory is included, allowing you to further decorate this fashion masterpiece. This dress is a timeless choice for women who want to shine and feel confident at all times. With Luce d'Oro, you will be the undisputed star of every occasion.





Golden Light

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