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Transport yourself to the golden age of the 1920s with our Roaring 20s Glamor dress. This elegant purple dress, decorated with yellow embroidery that evokes the spirit of jazz and fun of the era, is a tribute to the fashion of flapper girls and the divas of the Prohibition era.


The touch of class is given by the yellow feathers that adorn the décolleté, creating a sophisticated and seductive look. Wear this dress and feel like a true 1920s diva, ready to dance and live the nightlife Gatsby style. Be the embodiment of the charm and beauty of that era, and make a fashion statement that will not go unnoticed.


With the "Roaring Twenties Glamour" dress, you will be the undisputed star of every party and special event. Relive the past in style and let your personality shine like the lights of a city that never sleeps.


Size: S

Glamor of the Roaring Twenties

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