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This stunning black dress is the epitome of elegance and charm for special occasions. Created for unforgettable evenings, this item of clothing is made with the highest quality stretch sequin fabric, which captures and reflects light in a magical way, giving an irresistible sparkle effect.


The standout feature of this dress is its bold and unique design. It features a long side slit that adds a touch of sensuality and glamor to your look, allowing perfect mobility. But the real wonder of this dress is the adjustable side window. The porthole can be narrowed or widened to your liking, allowing you to customize the dress to your style and comfort. This unique feature makes this dress incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions.

The inner lining is made of 100% silk stretch organza, ensuring unparalleled comfort and an impeccable fit. This dress was created with the aim of making every woman feel confident and charming at all times.


The measurements of the model wearing the garment are as follows:

• Breast circumference: 92 cm

• Waist: 73 cm

• Hips: 97 cm

• Height: 1.90 m


The JG Couture "Night Elegance" Dress is the perfect choice for those who want to leave a lasting impression. With this piece of clothing, you will feel like a real star and will catch attention wherever you go. Choose the adjustable cutout and long slit to create a tailored look that expresses your unique personality and extraordinary style.

Nocturnal Elegance

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